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Newsletter N°2/2009 - Customer Service Center


Different clients have different expectations, which are to be satisfied with personalised solutions!

All SMI activities are thought and organised around the "customer satisfaction" concept. This means sharing the client's objectives and the ability to offer proactive improving ideas. Whoever purchases a SMI product can count on the "Customer Service Centre (CSC)" assistance which provides personalised solutions to improve performance of the systems supplied in terms of reliability, efficiency, energy saving and low handling costs.

Newsletter N°2/2009 - Customer Service Center

Product Life Cycle Management

To enable clients to obtain the maximum return on equity (ROE) for investments in machines and plants, SMI has an after sales integrated activity package studied according to the principles of the "Product Life Cycle Management".

The accurate analysis of the product life cycle enables to agree with the client the necessary interventions to prevent the plant's efficiency decline, maintaining, in time, a high level of: 
- production efficiency
- operating flexibility
- energy saving
- minimizing total costs of operation (TCO).

Newsletter N°2/2009 - Customer Service Center

Through the integrated services of the "Product Life Cycle Management", SMI offers the customer a comprehensive portfolio of personalised solutions to:

the efficiency and performance of the systems supplied, during their entire life cycle.

Newsletter N°2/2009 - Customer Service Center

SMI Customer Service Center boasts:

- a world-wide presence serving over 4,000 machines installed 
- consolidated experience thanks to 80 specialised engineers with high professional competence in mechanical, electrical and electronic fields
- on-line assistance through a wide range of technical support services, studied to use all potentials of modern information technologies
- on-site assistance at client's premises: world-wide qualified staffs of field engineers, able to supply a fast and efficient service depending on the client's requirements
- wide availability of original spare parts: fully automated warehouses in Italy and abroad.

Newsletter N°2/2009 - Customer Service Center

SMI Customer Service Center's officies are at your disposal to supply further details, information and technical assistance.

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