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Your spare parts are just one click away

SMI is providing a new service for Smiflexi packers (LSK-SK-TF-WP and CM series) purchased over March 2009: machine spare parts lists and technical manuals are readily available for interactive consultation, just by installing the software included in the machine documentation on CD-ROM.

"Net-Spares" is AdobeAcrobat®  and Acrobat Reader® plug-in used to create and publish catalogues and spare parts manuals on CD-ROM.

SMI customers will now manage to browse through technical docs and to order spare parts straightaway, as the pdf files on-line are directly linked to the company database.

<strong> Newsletter N°2/2011 - </strong> Your spare parts are just one click away

Manuals on CD feature interactive synoptic tables which provide the customer a 3D representation of their equipment. Clicking on a machine unit, the relevant spare parts and their code are displayed.

<strong> Newsletter N°2/2011 - </strong> Your spare parts are just one click away

Clicking on the code, the selected spare part is automatically added to a shopping list; before logging out the customer can turn the list into a spare parts order, which will be automatically sent by email to Smi spare parts department.

Contact our spare parts department and learn more about the new service and the activation procedure.

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