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SMIPASS: the access key to SMI services

SMIPASS: the access key to SMI services

SMI's customers can benefit from the many advantages offered by the information technology through Smipass, the new web-based platform of after sales technical support via the Internet.

Smipass is an area of the www.smigroup.it website created to bring together in a single environment all of on-line after-sales services, that the customers of SMI can use any time after logging in and that allows to:

  • access a constantly updated database of information about their machines (SmyCloud);
  • consult a large library of technical files for sorting out machine low-complexity troubles (Troubleshooting);
  • get assistance and technical advice from SMI service engineers, promptly and efficiently (SmyCall & Remote Assistance);
  • take advantage of a wide range of bespoke packages to enhance the machine's efficiency proposed by the Spare parts & Upgrades depts. (SmyUpgrades).

The portfolio of services offered by SMI through Smipass is constantly evolving and includes solutions meant to quickly and effectively respond to the requests of on-site and on-line technical assistance, of machine updating and of staff training.

We invite you to visit our web site and to find out more about our latest proposals in the following areas: Technical Support, Spare parts & Upgrades, Manuals and Training.

Thank you for your attention. Warmest regards.

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SMI S.p.A.
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