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Save energy & cut costs ... with ReduxAir


The manufacturing process of PET bottles and containers requires the use of compressed air, produced by a high pressure compressor powered by electricity.

Thanks to the innovative "ReduxAir" system developed by SMI, since now on stretch-blow moulding operations can be carried out at lower pressures (15-20 bars*) than those usually used (35-40 bars), thus benefitting from a more efficient solution that significantly cuts energy costs.

* Depending on the features of preforms, bottles and stretch-blow moulding process conditions.


What's ReduxAir?

ReduxAir is a special mould bottom that, thanks to advanced technical and designing characteristics, allows to manufacture PET bottles using a lower compressed air pressure (15-20 bars) during stretch-blow moulding operations.



How does ReduxAir work?

ReduxAir system allows a much faster release of the air flowing between the outer walls of the bottle and the surface of the mould.


Where can ReduxAir be applied?

- It is applicable to the whole range of SMI's electronic stretch-blow moulders of the EBS and EBS K series.
- It is suitable to produce PET containers up to 2 L.


What are the advantages of ReduxAir?

- Lower power consumption by the compressor.
- Energy saving and cost cutting.
- Environment-friendly operations.

To get further information on ReduxAir, please contact SMI sales department or visit our website.

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