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SMI Wrap-around case-packers: innovative packaging and high outputs

Thanks to the innovative wrap-around system, it is possible to wrap a cardboard blank around the products and realize a closed case, by means of only one machine, "the case-packer".

Newsletter N°2/2008 - Wrap-around case packers

Thanks to this system, the SMI case packers of the WP series ensure many advantages, such as:
- high flexibility
- higher outputs
- no impact between the cardboard blank and the product
- more stability of the package, with great advantages for transport
- eye-catching effect, contributing to improve the product marketing and promotion
- optimization of the space occupied by the packaging material

Products are grouped in the pack formation station operating in continuous motion, without any down-times; so it is possible to achieve higher speeds, thus improving the output of the whole line!

Newsletter N°2/2008 - Wrap-around case packers

Thanks to the "wrap-around" system, it is possible to pack products in several innovative collations, with considerable marketing advantages. Different types of containers can be packaged either in fully sealed cases or in trays.

The WP case packers can realize cases with different types of side flaps: spaced, superposed or joined. On request, pre-assembled partitions can be inserted among the bottles; in addition, the WP case packers can be equipped with an easy open device and can realize several special cases and trays.

Newsletter N°2/2008 - Wrap-around case packers

Moreover, it is possible to customize the graphics of each case, with consequent promotional advantages for the product and its brand.

As a result, the function of the secondary packaging is not only restricted to the protection of the product, but is also very important in drawing the final customer's attention.

Newsletter N°2/2008 - Wrap-around case packers

For further information about the whole range of machines and their outputs, please contact SMI sales department.

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